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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Move Forward

My next visit with Elizabeth is to focus on moving forward with the dorsal column stimulator and to order the lab work. Elizabeth knows that I have wanted to try water therapy first, but I have been unsuccessful to find a therapist for it and it will cost too much money anyway. My pain levels have been rather consistent the past few weeks as constant, aching, burning, pins and needles. As before, my pain levels are always higher in the early morning and in the evening. The cold weather plus standing and walking makes my pain worse. Being warm and still improves my discomfort. Elizabeth is frustrated that my left ankle and foot is STILL swollen.

Although Elizabeth knows that I want to discuss the “pros and cons” with the dorsal column stimulator, she feels that Dr. Lew can answer my questions completely with literature and a CD to take home. I agree that despite my previous reluctance to pursue this avenue of pain management, I’ve reached the point where I must be open to this possibility. Before I have always been resistant to this type of pain management and yet I can’t really give her any good reasons as to why. Maybe it makes my RSD that much more real?

As Elizabeth and I end our brief visit and I am told that Dr. Lew’s office will call me to make an appointment, I am given a large list of labs that need to be drawn…….a total of seven vials. I leave the office and go next door for the blood work.

Several days later, I receive a call from Heather, asking me to come in that day, despite the fact that my next appointment with Elizabeth is tomorrow. Heather can’t hide the urgency in her voice. What I learn shocks me to my core.


  1. Not cool! what if I can't get on tomorrow and read what the dr said. Bad Alexia. You better write more tonight.

  2. and .....? Come on Alexia, you have me gripped here. I need to know what the doctor said before I burst. Thank you for sharing your story. You are helping me to put things into perspective more than you know x

  3. It will all come out in the next couple of posts! :)))